Vancouver Film School


Instructor + Student Mentor – Results Matter

Students, industry and educators agree that VFS is the world’s preeminent center for both training and higher learning in all areas related to media and entertainment production.

The Entertainment Business Management program has produced outstanding graduates and outstanding results. The intensive one-year education enables students to create award-winning projects, such as Compendium’s “Little Mermaid” and “Jabberwock.” The program’s leading-edge business courses provide entry for graduates into the industries of film, television, and game production; marketing and social media; and high-tech business.

Courses Taught

  • Entertainment Business Management – Digital Technologies
  • Entertainment Business Management – Developing Online Communities
  • Entertainment Business Management – Digital Commerce

Key Responsibilities

  • Provided students with instruction based on existing curriculum
  • Student guidance in course outcome and employment preparation
  • Collaboration with Department Head and faculty on course progression
  • Constructive, instructional feedback on student projects

Key Accomplishments

  • Consistently score top of faculty student reviews
  • Nominated as Best Instructor EBM Program 2014
  • Work directly with students to assist in gaining employment / work experience

Testimonials From Students

“An excellent, no-nonsense instructor, James Wallace is an asset to Vancouver FIlm School. His knowledge of digital marketing runs deep, and he is eager to share it to students. I had learned a lot from his classes.”

“James is an honest person that works with enthusiasm and commitment. I recommend his work. I had the opportunity to work closely with him at VFS and have been a witness of the good results that he produces. He is a person that loves what he does and is more than willing to work for a product that he believes in. He has been a good professor and a superb advisor. He is a great team player and he can go out of his way to collaborate with the development of new professionals.”

“James knows a lot about a lot of stuff! It’s really overwhelming, in a good way. He also found me a job!”

“You’re awesome James Wallace. Every VFS instructor could learn a lot from you.”