Prudential Podcast


50,000+ Affiliate, Broker & Agent Subscribers

Deployment of an ongoing audio podcast series to support Prudential and Berkshire Hathaway real estate brands and their 50,000+ brokers and agents as well as their prospects and clients.

We leverage the unparalleled depth and expertise of the client’s network of affiliates to create accurate, timely, and exclusive branded real estate content.

This focused original content series is designed specifically to help all the stakeholders, both internal and external, meet the challenges of the marketplace.


  • Deliver separate podcasts tailored for consumers and affiliates
  • Portray the brand as the voice of authority and the go-to resource on buying and selling real estate
  • Illustrates real-world consumer challenges and presents solutions for consumers
  • Communicate best practices and shares proven tools that sell for affiliates
  • Deliver internal marketing initiatives to facilitate discovery of the podcasts

Return on Investment

  • Prudential uses podcasts as an additional way of disseminating press release information to its affiliates and customers