nice things people have said

Rick Sloboda
Senior Web Copywriter | Webcopyplus

James is great at getting to the core of issues in a bid to deliver clients exceptional results and ROI. He’s hard working and a pleasure to collaborate with.

Wincy Aquino Ong
Vancouver Film School | Student

An excellent, no-nonsense instructor, James Wallace is an asset to Vancouver FIlm School. His knowledge of digital marketing runs deep, and he is eager to share it to students. I had learned a lot from his classes.

Jessica Wakeman
Product Marketing | Hootsuite

I had the opportunity to work with James for about 6 months at Kontent Creative Group. James is knowledgeable as well as skilled in online and interactive design and usability. He also has an exceptionally in-depth understanding of online and offline social networks. His experience and professionalism combined with his upbeat demeanour make him a pleasure to work with. I am extremely lucky to have worked with James and I hope to work with him again in the future.

Mack Flavelle
VP of Biz Dev | Tapstream

Working with James is a rare privilege that you should seize if ever given the opportunity.

His experiences in design, business and people management are extensive and his willingness to share them make him a huge advantage to any team trying to accomplish almost any project.

I fully expect to be turning to James for advice, mentorship and wise counsel for many, many years to come.

Datis Mohsenipour
Marketing Campaign Specialist | Vivonet

James’ industry knowledge and overall knowledge about *everything* never ceased to amaze me. Over the course of my three month internship at Kontent Creative Group Inc., I managed to absorb so much information from James, whether it was job-specific or random (mostly job specific).

I greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with James, He has helped me with my personal-growth and taught me how to maintain a strong balance of hard-work ethics and fun on the job.

Morgan Westcott
General Manager | LinkBC

James was the lead designer on a number of web projects relating to communications for LinkBC. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him as part of the technical team hired through Creative Spirit Communications. He is personal, knowledgeable and relates sometimes complicated technical aspects in a clear, easy-to-understand way. A meeting with James is relaxed and conducive to creativity.

Cloe Windus
Art Director, Web Developer | Artropolis Media

James is not only one of the most talented designers/programmers i know, he is a top-notch, detail oriented media guru, always on the cutting-edge of new media. He has the outstanding ability to combine his excellent creative knowledge with a high technical background to produce one-of-a-kind products, with a great worth ethic even in most extreme situations. I would always recommend James for his immense skill-set and for being a true leader.

Philip Solman
Publisher | Edible Vancouver

James is a pleasure to work with. He will challenge you with smart questions and back up his ideas and opinions with bags of knowledge. I look forward to having the chance to work with him again.

Sushant Sund
Creative Lead | CBS Interactive

James’s exceptional insight and experience has served myself, the team and our projects exceedingly well. His knowledge and unique ability to seamlessly apply logic and effective design solutions in a practical fashion is invaluable. This combined with his fantastic sense of humor and relationships with clients make James a truly exceptional person and a great source of inspiration for any team or organization.