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  • Report on the state of video in journalism - Purpose & Methodology - well worth going through!,

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Digital Strategist, Husband, Dad, Instructor, Designer …

james2Living in North Vancouver with my wonderful, beautiful wife and 2 awesome sons.

My passion for online technology is immense and I am deeply interested in the community aspect of what the internet “could” become if we as a whole are motivated to make it happen. We, us, all of us collectively as a community – a Collective. A heady, doves will fly, peace and love ideal I know. Unrealistic? Perhaps.

I have worked closely with high profile clients including Nokia, NHL Canada, Envisioning & Storytelling, Westcoast Fishing Club, Worksafebc, BC School Trustees Association, Care Canada, BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, Vancouver International Dance Festival, Bill Reid Gallery, Vancouver Foodbank, Predator Ridge, BC Tourism Leadership Initiative, BBC Kids, CBC Music, Michael Smerconish, OUTtv, The National Association of Realtors, MPPIA, We Create BC and many more …

I understand the technical requirements involved in interactive pieces and have written / scoped RFPs and technical requirements for large scale builds.

A Brief Sample of Current / Past Projects

- BBC Kids
- CBC Music
- MPPIA / We Create BC
- Nokia
- NHL Canada
- Trump
- The Michael Smerconish Program
- The National Association of Realtors
- Real Estate Today
- Randy Cohen – A Question Of Ethics
- Bob Kingsley’s Country Top 40
- Dial Global
- Prudential
- Zach Sang & The Gang
- Envisioning & Storytelling
- Westcoast Fishing Club
- Worksafebc
- BC School Trustees Association
- Care Canada
- BC Children’s Hospital Foundation
- Vancouver International Dance Festival
- Bill Reid Gallery
- Vancouver Foodbank
- Predator Ridge
- BC Tourism Leadership Initiative
- Lake Las Vegas
- Superstition Mountain
- Snowmass
- Vancouver Coastal Health
- Central City Mall
- Athletics Alberta

and many more ….


- usability
- assisting clients in understanding detailed technical concepts in straight forward, non-technical terms
- a skilled interactive designer, who has worked with world scale brands
- strong team builder
- a deep personal interest in online social platforms